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Create the ideal environment for dogs + give back to Good Karma Pet Rescue!

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Good Karma Pet Rescue has partnered up with the ForeverLawn Palm Beach team to create a clean, comfortable, and completely dog-friendly area at their new adoption facility with K9Grass® synthetic turf by ForeverLawn.

This organization deserves some good karma of their own, and we’re happy to play a role in that. When you partner with us to create a dog-friendly area of your own, we’ll donate a portion of the profits back to Good Karma Pet Rescue!

Dogs can now enjoy all-weather play at Good Karma Pet Rescue.

When this outstanding organization approached us about surfacing a dog play area in their new adoption center, we knew K9Grass was without a doubt the best fit. Rescue dogs have already been through so much; they deserve a soft, comfortable, and safe surface to play on, and that’s K9Grass synthetic turf!


About the Project

Where: Good Karma Pet Rescue - Pompano Beach, FL
What: K9Grass Classic
Why: 100% edge-to-edge drainage means that rain and liquid waste quickly drain from the turf to prevent odors and mildew from forming on or beneath the surface. This feature makes K9Grass synthetic turf ideal for an all-weather play area.

Foster a cleaner, safer, better-smelling environment for dogs.

K9Grass synthetic turf is designed specifically for dogs, meaning it holds up to all the wear and tear involved with having furry friends around.

Start planning your K9Grass project.

If you’ve been considering synthetic turf for dogs but needed a reason to take the first steps, this is it! Start planning your project knowing you’re helping support a compassionate organization in the process. Our team is happy to discuss ideas with you. Please complete the form below or give us a call at 888-837-1974 to get in touch.